Ranking Youtubers

Ahhh, where do we start with youtubers? Anyways these are some of my favorites Youtubers (I’m not gonna put them in order because I don’t do that ok?) ;

  • Bethany Mota! thKSJ3GHW8
  • Jessi Smiles
  • Alisha Marie
  • Mia Stammer (Also know as MamaMiaMakeup)
  • Niki and Gabi
  • LaurDIY
  • MyLifeAsEva
  • Sarah Betts
  • Ryan Higa (for some laughs) th74HVK2GY
  • IISuperwomanII (for some more laughs)maxresdefaultthZZB7NM4Y
  • Zoella
  • Meghan Rienks!!


I really love and respect all of these youtubers and I hope you do too! Love you, !Adios!





So after waiting I the hospital for like 5 hours I finally know what is wrong with it.Picture 11

Yup I’m hurt. Basically a long time ago (4 days ago) my friend and I were innocently brushing eraser leftovers of a table with our hands and Boom!, I’m fighting the urge to cry. The next day I go to dance practice and say that I can’t do some tricks because my finger is jammed (that’s what I thought). The teacher told me to go see a doctor and see what’s wrong with it. So I did and after a long time, I was told that a piece chipped off of the bone.

Moral of this story?

I have no clue.


The Key to Happiness

Honesty speaking, so many people say to their selfs:th6XWOE5OK

“I have a terrible life.”

But when you think about it there are so many reasons to live. Like look at all those children and families, living in the poorest of conditions but still find a reason to stay alive.

They found that happiness and love is everything worth fighting forthI7EX5Z39.

 In the end we are all here for a reason. And our happiness is worth fighting for.

How to make it : Honey Loaf

So, this is my first recipe on my Blog but I wanted to share it with you. Now before I show you this recipe I would like to say that this is not my original recipe. Ok now lets get started.

To make this delicious loaf you will need:thHF0R3JX5

  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1 teaspoon of grated ginger
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 2 eggs (whisked)
  • 1/2 of melted butter
  • 1 cup of milk
  •   a pan of your choice

Now once you have mixed it thoroughly, put it in a pan of your choice ( I recommend a loaf pan) bake it at 350°f, for 1 hour or less ( depends on the pan) just until you can put a tooth pick through it clean.

Now, go and enjoy your beautiful loaf and I will see you next time on Elegance On Deck

ps. Post your pics of your loaf on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #eleganceondeck so I can look at all your beautiful creations! I hope to see you later! Bye!


Hay what’s up and I know that I haven’t posted In a long long time so I’m so sorry but today I’m going to show you a list of the most unusual, rare and cutest pets ever, here we go!

  1. The Wallaroo :  The Wallaroo is a cross of a kangaroo and a wallaby and are adorable and love a good scratch on the neck, now I can’t really find much stuff about this so lets move on.
  2. Pygmy Goats :  Pygmy goats are the mini version of goats that are super cute and funny because they like to jump on pretty much anything and are great family pets for experienced pet owners
  3. Sugar Gliders :  Sugar Gliders are tiny nocturnal animals that look like mini flying squirrels but they are not. They only eat sliced fruit, mealworms and stuff like that. Their price varies between 150$ to a staggering 2 700$  ” So cheap” .
  4. Fennec Fox : Fennec Foxes are adorable with giant ears. They are the smallest foxes and eat anything smaller than them. Their original habitat is the deserts so their fur is beige and they have fur on their tiny little paws. Awwwwwwwww!
  5. Mini Pig : Mini pigs are as you guessed it a mini version of pigs that are roughly the size of a water bottle on it’s side but unfortunately they dislike when people handle but they make adorable pets
  6. Capybara : So you might have noticed that most of these animals are mini version of other animals or are just tiny but the Capybara is in fact the biggest rodent in the world. I would describe them as a mixer between a dog and a guinea pig. if you are for some reason considering to buy a capybara then you must have a pool ( not a kiddie pool, a real one) because capybaras are swimmers also, keep in mind that they will chew on any wooden furniture.
  7. Kinkajou : So I’m not quite sure about this animal but its small and Paris Hilton had one so yeh.
  8. Chimps : No description needed



Around half a week ago, I set of to the wonderful world of Cuba. Our flight there on April 7th 2015 in Toronto meaning that we had to drive a long way to the airport. The plane we took was with Air Transat and it was 4 hours long. Once we arrived to Cayo Santa Clara, we drove for 2 hours to Cayo Santa Maria. The bus took us to the Eurostar resort. The resort was magnificent. There was a beautiful salt water ocean with lots of fish, crabs and coral. However there was also 4 pools including on with an underwater bar! At night the pools were beautiful. There was all sorts of coloured lights from the inside of the pool that changed colors every second. I rode on a small ship about five times. There were bars on every corner and an ice cream shop in the middle of the resort. The food was also amazing. I am so glad that I got this chance to see this beautiful world. Adios!